5 reasons you should install a fire pit in your garden

If you want to create a garden space that looks great, is perfect for social gatherings and is also easy to maintain, then it’s time you thought about a fire pit. The wide range and styles available nowadays means you can easily find a design to fit your location perfectly.

For most of us, the garden is a place to get away from it all. We can sit down, read a book, invite friends around and have a barbecue, or get in touch with nature by doing some therapeutic gardening. If you’ve spent time and effort getting your garden looking just right, topping it all off with a great looking fire pit could be just what you need.

Whether it’s a portable or permanent installation, there are plenty of reasons to get a fire pit for your garden. Here’s our top 5:

A central focus

There’s something comforting about gathering around a fire. Ever since ancient times, we’ve done it as a community, gaining not only warmth but a sense of security. That central focus in your garden is important whether you’re holding a party or simply want to enjoy a relaxing evening alone after you get back from work.

Open your garden

We tend to love the garden when it’s warm, so we often don’t use it except in the summer months. Even then, the nights can get pretty chilly. Installing a good quality fire pit means you open up the garden all year round. If you want to sit and have fun outdoors on a chilly winter night, you can. Just gather around the warmth of the fire and let your worries and tensions drift away, toast a few marshmallows and enjoy the company.

It’s natural

Whether you have a wood or a gas burner, fire pits look natural and provide that strong warmth which feels good on the skin and really soothes you down to the bone. With wood fire pits, you also get that smell of the campfire, which is great, easily creating the right ambiance for a friendly get together. We’re so often surrounded by technology nowadays. Getting a back to a little bit of nature can make all the difference to our sense of wellbeing.

Our relationship with nature – how much we notice, think about and appreciate our natural surroundings – is a critical factor in supporting good mental health and preventing distress.


They’re low Cost

As a way of heating your outdoor space, fire pits are certainly one of the most cost effective solutions. They’re low maintenance and easy to install and set up. The wide range of options available, including portable fire pits, means you can get an attractive focal point for your garden that doesn’t have to cost the earth. You can, of course, go the whole hog and hit the luxury end of the market and create a whole dedicated fire pit area. The choice is entirely yours.

A place for all the family

Everyone loves to gather around a warm fire which is why fire pits are so great for families. Get the kids round with the grandparents and you can have a fun time bonding together. While fire pits don’t generally work as a barbecue you can certainly use them to toast bread and marshmallows, even make a little of popcorn. Add in some relaxing music and good conversation, a touch of wine, and you’ve got the perfect location for quality family get togethers.

Featured image: Pixabay.

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