Stone fire pits

‘Stone fire pits’ are typically not made of stone at all, but other stone-like fire-resistant materials. This makes them easier to move around, compared to building an actual stone pit. However, take care when buying ‘stone’ fire pits online and carefully check the most recent reviews. Some materials crack and quickly deteriorate with the heat. We only recommend products that have consistently good customer feedback.

Stone fire pits buyer’s guide

Stone fire pits can bring a rustic charm to any part of your garden. They look more expensive (even though many are very affordable) and they have a more permanent feel than their metal equivalents.

Whilst you can build a fire pit from real stone (or brick), it requires bit of effort and a fair few materials to make it look decent. Buying a stone fire pit is quicker, cheaper and easier!

However, as you might expect from a practical point of view, most stone fire pits that you purchase from retailers are not made of real stone at all. They usually have a metal fire-resistant bowl (typically steel), surrounded by materials made to look like stone.

Typically they might be made from MgO material which is Magnesium Oxide (magnesia) used as part of a cement mixture.

The problem with many ‘stone’ fire pits is that they are not particularly heat proof. Manufacturers on one hand will tell you they create a roaring fire, and on the other may suggest you limit the number of logs you use. Top selling sites are full of negative reviews with photos of cracked ‘stone’ pits. We strongly recommend you order the reviews by ‘newest first’ and also check the negative reviews carefully for mentions of cracked pits.

We only suggest a few of the many stone fire pits available on the market today. The range of materials used for these pits vary (for example, eco-stone composite fibre) but generally we avoid those with the cement exteriors as they always seem to attract problems. Our small but beautiful range of stone fire pits have been tried, tested and positively reviewed by customers. Many of the photos you see here are the customers’ own.

Our stone fire pits include those that are gas powered for less fuss/mess, and those that simply require you to throw in your fuel of choice (generally wood or coal).