Open-sided table top fire pit


  • Made by brand Elan Garden
  • Beautiful powder coated finish
  • Measuring 37cm x 18.5cm x 24.5cm
  • Smokeless, no need to vent
  • Use outdoors and indoors
  • Highly rated
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This is a lovely quality table top fire pit by brand Elan Garden. It is made from a combination of stainless steel, fibreglass, alloy steel and tough tempered glass, with a beautiful powder coated contemporary finish.

Measuring 37cm in length by 18.5cm width and 24.5cm height, it is the perfect size for both outdoors and indoors.

Unlike traditional garden fire pits, this uses odourless ethanol biofuel which is a mess-free fantastic alternative, giving no smoke or ash.

Again, unlike a traditional fire pit, you can place this on a very wide range of surfaces including tables indoors, without needing to vent. This means it can go inside a summer house or gazebo without causing any problems (although it is fire so you obviously need to take sensible precautions with positioning, kids and pets).

This table top fire pit does create heat which can be felt from 5 – 6 feet away. It takes a little while for the heat to build up, and customers say that after 30 minutes, it gives off around 1900kw of heat, lasting for between 1.5 and 2 hours on just 400mls of fuel.

The fire wool in the burner can be changed as needed.

We have seen the fuel in various retailers – B & Q for example sells this at £8/2 litres, which should give you a good 5 long uses.


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Open sided table top fire pit
Open-sided table top fire pit